Weight Loss Journal Ideas

To achieve the ideal weight, you need to perform daily exercises while following a healthy diet. As you try hard to improve your lifestyle, it is necessary to note down how you started and whether you are achieving your goals or not. For this purpose, a record book can help you. You can make a journal in which you can record the changes which you have noticed after starting the weight loss plan. Follow some weight loss journal ideas and know how to maintain a good record of your progress. With this, you can bring changes in things which are not helping you in achieving your target. Such a journal can help you to stay motivated and encourage you to achieve your target by working hard for it.


Research made on the benefits of making the journal suggests that people who maintain the record of food consumed, exercise performed, and eating habits get benefited by it as it helps them to lose more weight, as compared to the people who don't use such trackers. If you have never made such journal before, then you might find it difficult to start. As you start keeping the record, you will realize how easy it is to store the information of your weight loss programs.

The purpose of this type of journal is to maintain the information of the progress that you have been showing after starting the weight loss plan. Whether it is by taking supplements, following a diet or performing regular exercise, such types of journals will make you understand which things you can avoid to improve your lifestyle. All you have to do is, focus on achieving your short term objectives.

Things to Mention in a Weight Loss Journal

You should mention all the work that you've done in the whole day to reach your weight loss target. Mention the things like your success rate for the day, your time frame, your current weight, calories that you consumed, the daily diet program, role model because of whom you follow the program, intake of nutrition, exercise that you performed the whole day, medical visits, and your daily email plan.

Different Ways of Making a Journal

Paper Diaries

This is the most common way of maintaining your weight loss journal. You can buy a book and mention the date and day of writing the journal and start recording things like calories burnt, nutrients intake and exercise that you performed for the day. Make the entries of the daily target in a journal style or simply note down the above mentioned things as the way you want them. Make sure you follow your daily plan and mention it regularly, so that you can compare each note at the end of the month.

Get Technical

This is the era of computer, where most of the work is done through it. Making a journal on an excel sheet is one of the popular weight loss journal ideas. You can make a graph that will give you an idea about the progress that you are making along with changes you need to bring in your lifestyle.

Online Platforms

The trend of the internet is popular all over the world. Using it for the personal work is surely a good choice. Consider making a weight-loss blog on Wordpress or Blogger sites that are free and can help you to update the information in less than a minute. Along with the regular record,you can also post your photos personally to see the difference. Such type of blogs have additional advantages of allowing you to have conversation with the people who can give you some suggestions and share some ideas and weight loss tips. Most of the people prefer to keep weight loss journal online for easy accessibility.

Other Ways of Making Weight Loss Journal

  • Use a loose leaf file
  • Use a commercial spreadsheet like MS Word or Excel
  • Use a photo album
  • Use a scrapbook

Advantages of Journal for Weight loss

  • Such type of a journal gives you the opportunity to note down what kind of progress you are making with the weight loss plan.
  • You can show it to your dietitian and accordingly bring some changes in your lifestyle that will give you a better outcome by next week.
  • Check whether you followed the advised food recipes and how effective they are on weight loss.
  • You can make the record of how much calories you burnt by exercising regularly.
  • In case, you eat some unhealthy food, mention it and try to avoid it next time.
  • If the weekly record showed a progress in your weight then, you can follow the same next week as well.

Learn about different weight loss journal ideas as they are considered as important tools to maintain the record of your progress, motivate you to improve the lifestyle and the behavioral pattern. Other than recording the changes in weight loss, you can also track down the dietary plan, water intake and physical activities that you performed to notice how well are you achieving your target. This type of a journal is the first step you need to add in your weight loss plan.